Birchwood Finance is a premier provider of capital solutions for developers and owners of commercial real estate.  With an average of $120 million in originations annually, we deliver strong financial and a substantial value-add to every project.  We maintain relationships with some of the finest lenders and equity providers in the country and can provide debt and equity solutions for investment real estate projects of all types.  Birchwood Capital Partners has completed more than 150 financing transactions valued in excess of $1.5 billion.


Our transparent approach ensures that our clients receive not just the best pricing, but the best fit for their needs.  We underwrite every transaction in-house before we take our customized packages to lenders to ensure we put the client’s best foot forward.  We cover the entire market regardless of who controls the lender.  Our team can collaborate with correspondent lenders to offer complete access of the best lending options.

Through our consultative approach, we will earn your trust and business.  We are a valued team member for each of our trusted clients.  We have no conflicts of interest. We work for you and seek the best financial structure to help you achieve your goals.  The success of Birchwood Finance is measured by the strength of the relationships we build doing business the right way.

To learn more about Birchwood Finance and your lending options please email or call (410)782-0000.

Birchwood Capital Partners enjoys strong relationships with a wide array of capital sources, including:


Birchwood Capital Partners has developed strong relationships with various local, regional, and national banks allowing our clients to benefit from the breadth of our network when it comes to options for the right financing solution. We have extensive experience in working with construction, bridge, mini-perm, and permanent loans. Birchwood Capital Partners will survey the entire market to find the best options available.


Birchwood Capital Partners maintains relationships with over 30 life companies that actively lend on commercial properties in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Our long-standing relationships with some of the largest capital sources in the country ensure the best outcome for each of our clients.


Knowing each conduit’s lending parameters gives Birchwood Capital Partners an advantage in working with the commercial mortgage-backed securities marketplace. We believe in the value of personal relationships when doing business with investors and securitized lenders which ensures our clients will have an advocate for the life of the loan.


Through correspondent relationships, Birchwood Finance is now capable of originating multi-family loans to meet your residential needs. Our partnerships with some of the most respected Fannie Mae DUS & Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer lenders allows us to provide our clients with the most competitive quotes. Our agency quotes do not include any additional fees or have hidden premiums built into the rate.


  • Freddie Mac Fixed-Rate Product for CME
  • Freddie Mac Multifamily Value-Add Loan
  • Freddie Mac Student Housing Loan
  • Freddie Mac Manufactured Housing Community Loan
  • Freddie Mac Cash Loan for Affordable Housing Preservation
  • Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan
  • Freddie Mac TAH Express


  • Fannie Mae Multifamily Affordable Housing
  • Manufactured Housing Communities
  • Fannie Mae Near-Stabilization Execution
  • Fannie Mae Standard DUS Mortgage
  • Fannie Mae Bridge Loan Program
  • Fannie Mae Student Housing Financing
  • Fannie Mae Cooperative Properties
  • Fannie Mae Senior Housing
  • Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Preservation Fixed Rate
  • Fannie Mae Small Balance Loan
  • Fannie Mae Unfunded Forward Commitment for 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
  • Fannie Mae ARM 7-6


Specialty Finance Companies are non-bank lenders who can help with less traditional deals that are not necessary bankable. We have access to the right lenders for every circumstance that comes across our way.


  • HUD 223(F)
  • HUD 232 – LEAN
  • HUD 232 Per 223 (F)
  • HUD 221(D)(3) & 221(D)(4)
  • HUD 202
  • HUD 232/223(A)(7)
  • HUD 202/223(F)
  • HUD 242 (for acute care licensed hospitals)
  • FHA/HUD 223(A)(7)



We have closed loans on behalf of clients with the following lenders in the past 7 years